Vintage Old Timer Pocket Knife

You have never seen something with more style and class than this old timer pocket knife. This is a true classic made by Schrade, once one of the biggest manufacturer of knives in all the content that is now owned by Tylor Brands LLC.old-timer-pocket-knife

It is extremely rare to find one of the original Schrade Old Timer pocket knives, the last one was created more than 100 years ago. However, the company that manufactures them now still creates good replicas with excellent materials and expert craft.

Remember that when you are choosing the right pocket knife for you or as a gift. You need to keep in mind the possible uses that you are going to give it. Always pick the one that fits your lifestyle.

Nowadays you can get an Old Timer pocket knife for a good price depending on the model or the website. It is fairly common to see them in websites such as Amazon or eBay. Just keep in mind that what you get could not be a piece made by the original creators.

Imperial 3-Blade Old Timer Pocket Knife

This is our top choice in this line of knives, made entirely in the USA. The best quality and performance that you are going to get and by far our favorite model.

This pocket knife has an amazing vintage style made with amazing quality materials such as:

  • High carbon steel clip.
  • Sheepfoot and Spey blades.
  • Solid brass lining.
  • Genuine nickel silver bolsters.
  • Handle made of sawcut Delrin.

As you can see, this fine selection of materials only improves the quality of this knife. You understand how important is to have a sturdy and well-made pocket knife as a safety measure when doing any kind of work. This is a useful tool that is going to last a lifetime.

The three blades of this vintage pocket knife make it perfect for any kind of situation.

You can also find this product by the name model of 34ot. You can take a look at some of the many reviews that this product has. Most of the people who got it to agree that the Old Timer knife has a great price for its quality.

If you happen to have one of these knives stored in your house, you should probably check and see if it is one made from the original Schrade. It could rise a lot its price. Remember that you should not try to repair an antique product as it could lose a ton of value if you do it wrong.

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