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Vintage Celtic Pocket Knife For Sale – Hand Forged Blade

Take a look at this Celtic pocket knife made by Toferner, one of the best blacksmiths nowadays. The unique ornament and vintage value of this knife are entirely handcrafted. You will not find pieces of art like this one.

celtic pocket knife by tofernerThis elegant Celtic knife has a fixed blade forged by hand using 14260 spring steel. This blade has been polished and hardened just like the knives used hundreds of years ago.

The process makes the blade of this Celtic knife almost impossible to bend or break!

The thing that I liked the most about this knife is that it comes with an engraved leather case to keep it protected and safe. This is, for me, the perfect complement for this elegant knife.

There is no point in owning one of these beautiful knives and having to carry it around on a nylon bag. It would take away all the elegance and beauty out of it.

Beautiful Hand-Forged Celtic Pocket Knife

You can be certain that this vintage knife is perfect for anyone who collects different knives, loves pieces of art or history or who enjoys the beauty of vintage pieces.

Toferner is one of the companies that you can trust. Their knives are entirely forged by them and they have excellent customer service.

Ensuring your complete satisfaction from the moment you make the purchase until you have this beautiful vintage knife in your hands.

They even offer two years of warranty and replacement policy. Your money is safely invested with them.

Even if you look at this Celtic pocket knife only as a piece of art, it still does work as a pretty good blade. It is sharp enough to do the job but, to tell you the truth, it can’t be compared to a modern age knife.

It can be used in an emergency situation where you have nothing else at your reach to cut something but if you need a really sharp blade then I suggest you take a look at some other models.

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