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3 Spectacular Swiss Army Knives for All Purposes

Take a look at these fine Swiss army knives selection that we have for you. Discover which knife is the right for you and get it today at an excellent price. There is a 100% customer satisfaction rate when it comes to Swiss army products. Their quality is way better than most of the knives on the market.

Among the common tools that you can find in a Swiss army pocket knife you can find:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Can or bottle openers.
  • Blades.
  • Scissors.
  • Pliers.
  • Corkscrews.
  • And other parts that are not usually included in the military version.

One thing is certain about this kind of knives, they can handle a lot of different situations. This is the reason for the main debate between Swiss army knives and multi-tools. In the end it all the depends on the style of life that you have and the possible uses that you pretend to give to it.

Top Popular Swiss Army Knives

victorinox-swiss-army-knifeFirst of all, we have the Classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. This is by far the most popular choice by men.

This pocket knife is only 2-1/4 inches long which makes it perfect for fixing simple situations.

It includes a set of six tools: scissors, knife blade, nail file, screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers.

You can get this knife in a variety of more than twenty different colors. Which makes it the perfect gift for any person and situation.

Just by having one of these you will feel prepared for any kind of situation that you might come across with.

swiss-army-knives-saleIn the second place, we have the Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife. Rated as the best choice for this website personally.

It has a wider range of stainless tools: two blades, can opener, two screwdrivers, parcel hook, scissors, bottle opener, toothpick, and tweezers.

The quality of this Swiss pocket knife is so amazing that it comes with a free lifetime warranty that you probably are never going to need.

As this one is 3-1/4 inches long, we recommend it especially for campers, hikers and boy scouts.

But think for a moment in all the situations where you had wished to have one of these tools at hand. This excellent tool will turn you into a real life saver.

wenger-swiss-army-knivesFinally, we have the EVO S10 Wenger Swiss Army Knife another of the popular choices on the market.

With 2-1/2 inches long and 9 different tools, it is considered as the middle point between the previous two army knives.

This one is often selected because of the corkscrew but as we have told you before, make your choice depending on your lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter which one of the top three knives do you choose or even if you prefer to look, other models. When you are buying a Swiss army product you are always getting an ergonomic design and a top quality product.

The only downside that people find in these knives is that they are rarely found available to be customized with a laser.