INOX Switchblade: The Most Elegant Italian Stiletto

INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exists on the web. More than a switchblade, this one is the finest pieces of art in knives.

inox-switchbladeIf you are looking for the best and rarest switchblade around you have come to the right place. We bring you today this rare INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exists on the web.

This automatic knife is not easy to find on the web because it is not just any knife. This is a 1960’s INOX Switchblade 9″ with sled blade.

The handle is made with authentic dark horn scales making it far superior to plastic, leather or steel. The feeling so amazing that is hard to describe, you just have to touch it to know what we are talking about.

The decoration of this INOX switchblade with nickel silver bolsters and solid brass liners make it unique with the vintage feeling of the 1960s.

When you get one of these stilettos you are not holding just an automatic knife this is an entire piece of art.

The INOX Switchblade: An Elegant Knife at Its Finest

Of course, safety can’t be left out, as this tool counts with a push button with red dot safety, turning it into a safe tool to cut or to carry around in your pocket at any time.

The blade has a length of 4″ and the handle has 5″ turning it into a 9″ INOX switchblade. Remember that quality is one of the most important things you have to look for when you are thinking of getting a knife.

You just can’t acquire anything that hasn’t passed through strict quality standards and this stiletto made in Italy is no exception to that rule.

So if you want to have this fine piece of art for a collection, as a gift to someone close to you or to be able to use the most elegant and rare INOX switchblade on the world.

You can be sure that this stiletto is the best thing for you. This is one investment that you will never regret. We would also like to recommend you an engraved pocket knife if you are looking for a gift for someone close to you. Even a simple design or a name can turn it into something more meaningful.