Best Single Blade Razor for Men – Professional Shaving

Are you ready to switch your disposable razor for a cool single blade razor for men? Here we are going to show you how to choose the best one bladed razor for all your needs. Discover how to find the perfect one bladed razor for you.

single blade razor for men

It is actually pretty hard to choose the right single blade razor if all your life if you have been using the traditional models from commercial brands.

Have you noticed that most barber shops use single blade razors instead of the popular double or even triple-bladed ones?

This is because the single bladed razors will give you a professional and smooth shave with a much cleaner look.

Some of the benefits of using a single blade razor for men are:

  • It gives you a smoother shave and a cleaner look.
  • They are way easier to clean than disposable razors.
  • A single razor blade can last a lifetime with the proper sharpening technique.
  • It looks way more manly than disposable razor blades (ask any woman in the world).
  • You will save a lot of money in the long run.

Cutting yourself is one of the most common fears when you start using a single blade razor. It is important to learn the proper way to use this tool. You can achieve this just by learning some good shaving tips. There are literally thousands of online videos showing you the right way to shave.

Which is the Right Single Blade Razor for Men?

Here is possibly the best one bladed razor that we recommend you to use for their quality and excellent price. If you still do not feel entirely convinced, you can ask in your local barber shop for more guidance.

This is the Classic Samurai CS-102 one of the most popular professional single edge razors for men. This stainless steel razor has been designed with top quality engineering.

It is one of the most common razors in many barber shops and also has been recommended by many people for personal use.

You can buy the kit for less than twenty dollars and it will come with two blade replacements allowing you to have a perfect shave for quite a while. The handle on this single blade razor has been made to be comfortable to touch.

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Pocket Knives

INOX Switchblade: The Most Elegant Italian Stiletto

INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exists on the web. More than a switchblade, this one is the finest pieces of art in knives.

inox-switchbladeIf you are looking for the best and rarest switchblade around you have come to the right place. We bring you today this rare INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exists on the web.

This automatic knife is not easy to find on the web because it is not just any knife. This is a 1960’s INOX Switchblade 9″ with sled blade.

The handle is made with authentic dark horn scales making it far superior to plastic, leather or steel. The feeling so amazing that is hard to describe, you just have to touch it to know what we are talking about.

The decoration of this INOX switchblade with nickel silver bolsters and solid brass liners make it unique with the vintage feeling of the 1960s.

When you get one of these stilettos you are not holding just an automatic knife this is an entire piece of art.

The INOX Switchblade: An Elegant Knife at Its Finest

Of course, safety can’t be left out, as this tool counts with a push button with red dot safety, turning it into a safe tool to cut or to carry around in your pocket at any time.

The blade has a length of 4″ and the handle has 5″ turning it into a 9″ INOX switchblade. Remember that quality is one of the most important things you have to look for when you are thinking of getting a knife.

You just can’t acquire anything that hasn’t passed through strict quality standards and this stiletto made in Italy is no exception to that rule.

So if you want to have this fine piece of art for a collection, as a gift to someone close to you or to be able to use the most elegant and rare INOX switchblade on the world.

You can be sure that this stiletto is the best thing for you. This is one investment that you will never regret. We would also like to recommend you an engraved pocket knife if you are looking for a gift for someone close to you. Even a simple design or a name can turn it into something more meaningful.

Cutlery & Accesories

Quality Kitchen Knives on a Budget – Best Knife Set

A good set of quality kitchen knives is the perfect tool for any chef. Here you will find one of the best knife set on the market and you can get it for less than 20 dollars.

set of quality kitchen knivesWe are talking about the Cuisinart Advantage 12-piece knife set. Do not get confused by the name, it includes only 6 different kitchen knives and the other 6 pieces are the covers for each one of the knives.

Here is the list of all the pieces included in the set:

  • 8″ Orange paring knife.
  • 11″ Yellow utility knife.
  • 12″ Green Santoku knife.
  • 12.5″ Red bread knife.
  • 13″ Blue slicing knife.
  • 13″ Purple chef knife.

The smart design with color coding was implemented in this set of good kitchen knives to avoid cross-contamination while you are preparing food.

Are These Quality Kitchen Knives Sharp Enough?

We have to tell you that they might not be the sharpest kitchen knives available. At least not before a good extra sharpening but they do get the job done.

As we said before, you can get this budget stainless steel knife set for less than 20 dollars. It will never replace a professional chef knife set but they are the perfect tool for any job in the kitchen.


The major drawback that you might find with this knife set is that the color will start to wear off after a few months.

Other than this design flaw, they have a pretty good grip, excellent sharpness, and an amazing price.

A lot of buyers of this product agree that it is a great deal for the price you are paying. Also, you can still use the knife covers for a long time after you changed your knives for a more professional setting.

The colors also make this set of quality kitchen knives a perfect gift for a newlyweds couple or a friend who has just moved to a new house or apartment.

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Survival Gear

Boker Hunting Knife for Sale – Best Fixed Blade Tool

Take a look at this elegant and fine Boker hunting knife for sale. One of the best-fixed blades knives that you will find. If you are looking for an excellent quality knife to use outdoors then you have found it.


Fixed blade knives such as the Arbolito Hunter Boker are excellent for any kind of survival situation as they have proven to give you a better grip and resistance than folding knives.

You usually don’t have this problem with a folding pocket knife which you can securely put it anywhere you want when you are not using it.

Here are some advantages of using a fixed blade Boker knife:

  • It is not as dangerous as a poor quality folding knife which may unexpectedly close and cut your hand.
  • A fixed blade knife does not have moving parts.
  • It can handle a lot more stress and give you better leverage.
  • It is faster to deploy and way stronger than a folding knife.
  • They are usually the cheapest high-quality pocket knives.

Boker is a commercial manufacturer and distributor of folding and outdoor knives founded in 1869, based in Solingen, Germany. They are focused on making good quality products and customer satisfaction.

Boker Hunting Pocket Knife for Sale

Today we have for you the Arbolito Hunter Wood Boker model, a pocket knife made of N695 stainless steel.

As you can see in the picture, it has a rugged stag handle with an amazing and classy design to give you a sturdy grip to complete any task in a safe way without giving out the appearances.

When you purchase this Boker hunting knife, it will come with a leather sheath with a belt loop so you can carry it with you and have it ready for some survival action at any time.

It has a 4 3/4 inch blade with a very good edge out of the box, ready to be used in any outdoors task.

This knife is also excellent to do basic wood-carving tasks. The perfect way to spend your precious time with nature.

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Credit Card Knife for FREE – Review & Legality Information

Here is everything you need to know about the folding credit card knife, how to use it and all the legal information you need to know related to security and airports.

Picture the situation where somebody needs a knife so you take out your wallet, pick a credit card and then fold it into a working knife! It is just amazing! Today you can get one of these cool credit card knives for emergencies at no cost.

Survival Credit Card Knife Review

We consider this folding knife to be an excellent choice as a gift. It is really practical and with a size, a little bit thicker than a credit card is easy to carry it around.

It is entirely safe to carry in your wallet or pocket as the stainless steel blade is covered when folded into the credit card shape.

This pocket knife is so popular that there are often a lot of giveaways where you can get your own for free.

When you fold the card into the shape of a knife, the pieces get snapped together. This makes it completely safe to use, you don’t have to worry about the blade collapsing while you are cutting something.

Another thing we really liked about this card is that it comes with a really nice metal gift box. Ready to be delivered as a present for a person close to you.

This knife is just great to complete everyday tasks such as peeling fruit, cutting coupons, rescue an animal, fixing something or just any cutting task that you might come up with in your everyday life.

credit card knife illegal in airportsIs the Credit Card Knife Illegal in Airports?

This is a really common question among the buyers of this cardsharp product. The truth is that every day there are dozens of these knives confiscated by the TSA agents at the airport every day.

The warning against this stealth knife was issued since 2013. Even if people try to conceal it as in their wallet it is fairly easy to be found as the stainless steel immediately activates the metal detector.

The credit card knife is not illegal in airports for being considered a concealed weapon. Remember that all knives of any size are prohibited. You can check the TSA List of Prohibited Items for more information on the subject.

If you plan to travel with your credit card knife, remember to place it in your checked luggage every time. Avoid losing your credit card knife just because you forgot you had it in your wallet.

Pocket Knives

TAC Force Spring Assisted Knife With Tactical Blade

These cool TAC Force spring assisted tactical knives are among the coolest blades that you could find online. This tool comes #1 as the best seller in the category of hunting knives.


This TAC Force spring assisted knife opens using a thumb stud to show a sharp stealth black stainless steel claw blade. You can then lock in its place with a safe liner lock system.

As you know Safety comes always first. when it comes to choosing the right survival tool. The smooth aluminum handle with four holes gives you an excellent grip and support.

What are the Features of this TAC Force tactical knife?

You need to know what you are looking for in a survival knife that you plan to use outdoors in a practical situation.

If you have already one or more knives that have the features you want then you only need to compare two essential things: style and price.

  • It has an overall length of 7.75 inches.
  • The blade length is 3.25 inches.
  • It includes a black pocket clip.
  • The handle is made of black aluminum.
  • The claw blade is forged with stainless steel.

What is the best thing about this spring assisted knife?

You can see from some of our other product recommendations on this website that we aim to select useful and safe tools for survival situations.

This TAC Force Spring Assisted Pocket Knife with claw black blade earns a lot of extra points on its design. A dark color is fairly common among tactical knives but the red contrast gives it a cool and original design.

You would probably get one of these only to exhibit even if you are not a collector or an outdoor recreation enthusiast.

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Survival Gear

Gerber Survival Knife Review – Bear Grylls Survival Edition

When you buy a Gerber survival knife you know that you are getting a top quality product capable to do any job. This is a quality brand specialized in making some of the best knives on the market. They are well recognized for delivering what they promise.

gerber survival knife for sale

Gerber Gear is an American company that design and produces most of its products. They were founded in 1939 and have created many life-saving survival knives since then.

All of their knives are inspired directly from the feedback of the US Armed Forces. They are a specialized company that will deliver quality in all of their products such as:

  • Military knives.
  • Hunting knives.
  • Survival knives.
  • Tactical knives.
  • Outdoor knives.
  • Industrial knives.

Gerber Survival Knife – Bear Grylls Approved

You can get this amazing knife directly from the vendor’s website or from for a discounted price. This is my personal favorite Gerber survival knife on the Bear Grylls series.

Many campers, hikers or survivalist, in general, can tell you that a serrated edge is definitely a must-have in any tool.

As all the different knives from this brand, it has been tested to guarantee the maximum durability. It has a molded rubber grip, essential in any camping knife, to ensure comfort and great performance. There is nothing worse than a knife with a slippery handle and I think that everyone is going to agree with me in this opinion.

This Gerber knife has a serrated edge with a saw ground back blade and a pocket fire starter with a diamond sharpener. It also has a key ground-air communication patch with an emergency micro lanyard whistle.


Some people complain about the price of this Gerber knife.

It is true that you can find a lot of different survival knives for a much cheaper price but keep in mind that you probably are going to use this tool in a life-saving situation. You just can’t put a price to your safety.

If you are still not sure if this is the knife that you should get. We invite you to take a look at some other user’s reviews

Also, take a look at Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls face all kind of dangerous and extreme situations and all his gear is from this series of Gerber knives.

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Survival Gear

Camping Knives – Complete Guide to Choose the Best

If you can’t decide between all the different camping knives available in the market then probably we can help you. Remember that having the right tool is essential to successfully survive on the wilds.

camping knives for survival

There are two important things that separate the great survival knives like this one from the cheap quality ones.

  1. Sturdy materials on the blade. This is way more important than elegance on a survival knife. Keep in mind that it is a tool that you plan to use a lot. You need something that can keep up with the task.
  2. Multiple Functions. On the first hand, you might think that a knife with a raw edge is useless but trust me here. It is way better to have it and don’t need it than to need it and don’t have it.

Remember that the cost of the knife is not a factor that you should consider if you plan to use it outdoors for hunting, camping, fishing or hiking. You just can’t put a price to your safety.

Camping Knives Are Made For Survival

We understand that you need a knife specially designed to work in extreme and even lifesaving situations. This is why we present you today with the Vermilion Survival Knife from Whetstone.

This knife with a double sided blade of stainless steel cutting edge and the serrated blade comes with a waterproof compartment in the handle that holds a complete survival kit:

  • Sharpening whetstone.
  • Compass.
  • Matches.
  • Bandage.
  • Fishing line.
  • Hook.


The handle of this outdoors knife is also designed for added grip and you can easily carry it around thanks to the nylon sheath included with your purchase.

You will be able to perform virtually any task that you could think of thanks to this camping knife.

In case you are looking for the best folding camping knife then we recommend you to take a look at this model that also features with an LED light. Perfect to safely use it at night time.

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Survival Gear

World’s Best Survival Knife – Top Quality Outdoors Gear

Here you will find the best survival knife available on the market. This is just the perfect tool for a serious survivalist to use on the outdoors. It does not matter if you are hiking, camping, hunting or just enjoying of some quality time with nature, this is just the perfect tool for you.


There are some qualities that you need to look for in any good quality rescue knife such as:

  • Multi-purposes.
  • Quality materials on the handle and blade.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Must be lightweight.

We have already tested several knives made for the survivalists and finally chosen the best one for you. This multi-functional folding knife will be just what you need to handle any kind of situation that you might find outdoors.

Amazing Survival Folding Knife

This tool is considered a survival rescue knife because of the many functions that it has. When you purchase one of these knives you are actually getting five amazing tools in one:

  1. Ultra sharp knife blade.
  2. Magnetic LED flashlight.
  3. Magnesium fire starter.
  4. Serrated edge.
  5. Mini LED light.

All of these with a perfectly sized belt clip that will help you to carry it around in a safe and practical way. As you can see this knife is excellent for any kind of outdoor activity.

In the following video, you will be able to watch an unboxing of this small survival knife so you can see first hand all the features that we have already mentioned to you.

This rescue knife blade is 3.5 inches long made of 420 stainless steel built with a useful serrated edge and an anodized aluminum handle of 4.5 inches long. You can check out the dozens of positive reviews from many outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

If you are wondering, who makes the best survival knife? We have good news for you. This model is sold by Outdoors Nation one of the biggest websites that focus on all kinds of survival gear.

They have many years of experience testing and recommending rescue knives. With this information, you know that you are making the right choice.

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Pocket Knives

Vintage Old Timer Pocket Knife

You have never seen something with more style and class than this old timer pocket knife. This is a true classic made by Schrade, once one of the biggest manufacturer of knives in all the content that is now owned by Tylor Brands LLC.old-timer-pocket-knife

It is extremely rare to find one of the original Schrade Old Timer pocket knives, the last one was created more than 100 years ago. However, the company that manufactures them now still creates good replicas with excellent materials and expert craft.

Remember that when you are choosing the right pocket knife for you or as a gift. You need to keep in mind the possible uses that you are going to give it. Always pick the one that fits your lifestyle.

Nowadays you can get an Old Timer pocket knife for a good price depending on the model or the website. It is fairly common to see them in websites such as Amazon or eBay. Just keep in mind that what you get could not be a piece made by the original creators.

Imperial 3-Blade Old Timer Pocket Knife

This is our top choice in this line of knives, made entirely in the USA. The best quality and performance that you are going to get and by far our favorite model.

This pocket knife has an amazing vintage style made with amazing quality materials such as:

  • High carbon steel clip.
  • Sheepfoot and Spey blades.
  • Solid brass lining.
  • Genuine nickel silver bolsters.
  • Handle made of sawcut Delrin.

As you can see, this fine selection of materials only improves the quality of this knife. You understand how important is to have a sturdy and well-made pocket knife as a safety measure when doing any kind of work. This is a useful tool that is going to last a lifetime.

The three blades of this vintage pocket knife make it perfect for any kind of situation.

You can also find this product by the name model of 34ot. You can take a look at some of the many reviews that this product has. Most of the people who got it to agree that the Old Timer knife has a great price for its quality.

If you happen to have one of these knives stored in your house, you should probably check and see if it is one made from the original Schrade. It could rise a lot its price. Remember that you should not try to repair an antique product as it could lose a ton of value if you do it wrong.

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