Impressive Set of Cheap Kunai Throwing Knives for Sale

The kunai throwing knives are one of the best throwing weapons that you can find. The lightweight and precision of them are simply amazing. Besides the fact that they can be used as a regular cutting knife too!

kunai-throwing-knivesThis is one of my personal favorite weapons. I’m not a great fan of ninja weapons but you have to admit that kunai throwing knives look awesome.

The shape of the knife makes it perfect for throwing, offering an excellent piercing property.

This weapon provides excellent accuracy and is easy to master after a few practice throws. They are a must have in any collection.

Today we have for you this excellent product, this is a set of 3 Stealth Black Kunai Throwing Knives that for a limited time you can get for under $10 dollars!

These are made from 440 stainless steel one of the best materials you can find in throwing knives, they have a total length of 6.5″.

When you purchase them it is also included the black nylon case for storage that can be attached to your belt.

Set of 3 Kunai Throwing Knives

As you can see in the picture, the handle is wrapped in nylon, providing you an excellent grip at the moment of using the kunai throwing knives in any situation. This is the best selling item in the Tactical Knives category in


If you are a fan of throwing knives or ninja weapons you can’t miss these beauties in your collection. The triple function of the kunais as a throwing weapon, piercing and slashing object can’t be compared.

Their short reach for close combat is immediately compensated by the throwing ability and precision. Besides the low cost of this product makes it perfect for practice and allows you to always have a backup when you need it.

You can’t go wrong with this sale, this is one of the best articles that you can find. Grab them while they are still in stock. This is a tactical weapon that you absolutely need to have with you.

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