Impressive OTF Knives You Have Not Heard Of

Do you know what is the best thing about the OTF knives? Maybe you think that the most important thing is that you can carry them anywhere you want safely.


Maybe the sharpness or the good grip is what you care about. Either way, we agree with you, the OTF spring assisted knives are really something you should take a look at.

If you are new to this type of magnificent blades, the OTF stands for “Out The Front”, they are also known as “sliding knives“.

This is because the blade is hidden in the handle which allows you to put it in your pocket or backpack or anywhere you want in a safe way.

Some of them are also automatic, a simple wrist movement or the push of a button allows you to quickly draw the otf knives.

We have brought to you today one of our favorites. The Schrade Viper 3, this knife has one of the greatest blades that you can find in this category of knives as it is a double-edged blade. Also, the black and gray finish in aluminum makes it look elegant and professional at the same time.

Great OTF Knives for Sale!

Another great thing that makes this piece unique among the other knives is that it features an assisted automatic development with a manual retraction knife.

This means that you need to push the slider that is found close to the end of the handle to let the spring mechanism do the rest of the work.

Then retract the blade simply by releasing the lock and pull back down the slider to its original place.

Some people do not agree with us in this case, some seem to prefer the fully automatic otf knives, but we think that one needs to be in charge all the time. When you are in control of the development and retraction of your own tool you can never go wrong.

One is supposed to control the knife not otherwise. Get yours now! Grab one of the discounted units before they run out!

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