Gerber Survival Knife Review – Bear Grylls Survival Edition

When you buy a Gerber survival knife you know that you are getting a top quality product capable to do any job. This is a quality brand specialized in making some of the best knives on the market. They are well recognized for delivering what they promise.

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Gerber Gear is an American company that design and produces most of its products. They were founded in 1939 and have created many life-saving survival knives since then.

All of their knives are inspired directly from the feedback of the US Armed Forces. They are a specialized company that will deliver quality in all of their products such as:

  • Military knives.
  • Hunting knives.
  • Survival knives.
  • Tactical knives.
  • Outdoor knives.
  • Industrial knives.

Gerber Survival Knife – Bear Grylls Approved

You can get this amazing knife directly from the vendor’s website or from for a discounted price. This is my personal favorite Gerber survival knife on the Bear Grylls series.

Many campers, hikers or survivalist, in general, can tell you that a serrated edge is definitely a must-have in any tool.

As all the different knives from this brand, it has been tested to guarantee the maximum durability. It has a molded rubber grip, essential in any camping knife, to ensure comfort and great performance. There is nothing worse than a knife with a slippery handle and I think that everyone is going to agree with me in this opinion.

This Gerber knife has a serrated edge with a saw ground back blade and a pocket fire starter with a diamond sharpener. It also has a key ground-air communication patch with an emergency micro lanyard whistle.


Some people complain about the price of this Gerber knife.

It is true that you can find a lot of different survival knives for a much cheaper price but keep in mind that you probably are going to use this tool in a life-saving situation. You just can’t put a price to your safety.

If you are still not sure if this is the knife that you should get. We invite you to take a look at some other user’s reviews

Also, take a look at Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls face all kind of dangerous and extreme situations and all his gear is from this series of Gerber knives.

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