3 Reasons Why Damascus Steel Pocket Knives Are the Best

Are you planning to get a new knife? We are going to tell you why Damascus steel pocket knives are your best choice. This material is not only one of the highest quality on the market but they also have amazing and unique design.


Usually, people who say that they are not interested in original Damascus steel knives is because they don’t know about it. This type of steel was used in Near East to make blades. The name comes from a city in Syria and it could also refer to the typical patterns from Damask fabrics.

Any expert in knives is going to tell you about the different qualities that material must meet to be considered appropriate for blades. We are going to list you here the main reasons why Damascus steel is the perfect choice for your pocket knives.

Best Qualities of Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

Legendary Features

Through history, this kind of steel has been praised by important sources such as National Geographic or the New York Times. Reporting that this steel has the ability to cut through a rifle barrel or even to cut a hair falling across the blade. Who wouldn’t want to carry a legendary pocket knife?

Tough Blades

As we just mentioned, Damascus steel has been used in blades trough history and this includes wars. That is a situation where the life of soldiers was on the line and they couldn’t afford to use a poor quality blade on the field. This is why they are resistant and really hard to shatter.


Elegant Design

The main quality of this kind of steel is the patterns developed while it is worked. You can spend literally hours admiring this design as it were a piece of art in your own hands.

The best thing you can do if you already made up your mind to get one of these knives is to get a pair of custom Damascus steel pocket knives. Remember that even a simple design or a name engraved in a knife can make a world of difference for the owner. It is possible that he is going to like it so much that will keep it in a special case all the time.

This makes them the perfect gift for any special event or birthday. Always look for certified sellers so you know that you are getting a quality product for the best possible price.

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