Credit Card Knife Honest Review – Survival Life Stainless Steel

You will not believe how many times my credit card knife has saved my day. Today I’m going to share my experience with you so you can decide if this folding pocket knife is what you need in your life.

The main problem that people have with this kind of folding knife is that they forget that it is even there. At least until you get used to it. It might also happen to you, a wallet is not a common place to carry survival tools.

If you are not certain that you need a credit card knife just sit back and think for a moment on all those moments where a knife comes handy.

  • Opening packages.
  • Cutting fruits.
  • Removing staples.
  • Cutting zip ties.
  • Sharpening pencils.
  • Cutting loose threads

And I’m not even mentioning all the survival situations such as:

  • Cutting a dog’s leash in an emergency.
  • Making kindling for a fire.
  • Cutting rope or wire.
  • Cutting off clothes to access a wound.
  • Opening a can of food.
  • Making a spear.

These lists can go on forever! The point is that a pocket knife is something that you have and don’t need the need and don’t have. This is why I’d like to talk about one of the most comfortable pocket knives in the market nowadays.

Credit Card Knife Features – Pros and Cons

The best thing that I already mentioned about this knife is its portability. You can carry it in your wallet or pocket safely as this card has a protective sheath built in the body. This means that when you carry it folded as a card, you are safe from injuries.

credit-card-knife-reviewThe stainless steel razor in this knife are perfect for all your every day needs. People use it on their regular lives and keep it as an emergency knife in camping trips or when they are hiking.

This knife is only 2mm in width when folded. Just a little bit more than the average credit card and it only takes you a couple of seconds to transform it into a practical dagger.

Another thing I liked a lot about this knife is the protective rubber hand guard. I believe that slipping is one of the things that just ruin utility knives for me but in this case I just don’t have to worry about it.

I could only find two things that I did not like about this knife. The first is that you just can’t take it out of your wallet and fold it open with just one hand. Once it is locked in the knife shape it is super reliable but I would like a faster method to access to it compared to some other pocket knives.

The second thing I did not like is that I got it at a really high price the first time without knowing that nowadays some websites are giving these credit card knives away for free. Although, that pricing complain is not on the knife itself but on the store I got it.

credit-card-knife-walletMaintenance for Your Credit Card Knife

It is important to keep your folding knife card nice and ready for action. Here are a couple of simple tips that can help you to preserve the quality of your knife for a long time.

  • Try to keep this knife in your wallet, pocket or a closed drawer to avoid dirt and rust. This is a rule that applies to all folding knives.
  • When traveling, always make sure that the state or country where you are heading to allows the citizens to carry pocket knives.
  • Clean your credit card knife regularly to avoid contamination. You would not want the taste of the duct tape you cut yesterday in the fruits you are cutting today.

Safety is number one priority. Again, this is a rule that applies to all kind of knives. Avoiding injuries is always the most important thing to keep in mind.

Where Can I Get A Credit Card Knife?

It is not that common to find them in your local stores such as Walmart. However, you can still order them online from websites such as or

After I found out how useful and reliable these knives were. I ordered a 10 pack of credit card knives from Amazon for less than $15 dollars. I kept a couple for myself and gave out the rest to some friends and family. They totally loved the surprise gift.

Still, if you want to try it out for yourself first. You can actually get one of these folding knives for free. You only would have to pay for the shipping that probably won’t even reach four dollars.

I hope you have found my review of the credit card knife useful. If you have any other question about it, feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.