Credit Card Knife for FREE – Review & Legality Information

Here is everything you need to know about the folding credit card knife, how to use it and all the legal information you need to know related to security and airports.

Picture the situation where somebody needs a knife so you take out your wallet, pick a credit card and then fold it into a working knife! It is just amazing! Today you can get one of these cool credit card knives for emergencies at no cost.

Survival Credit Card Knife Review

We consider this folding knife to be an excellent choice as a gift. It is really practical and with a size, a little bit thicker than a credit card is easy to carry it around.

It is entirely safe to carry in your wallet or pocket as the stainless steel blade is covered when folded into the credit card shape.

This pocket knife is so popular that there are often a lot of giveaways where you can get your own for free.

When you fold the card into the shape of a knife, the pieces get snapped together. This makes it completely safe to use, you don’t have to worry about the blade collapsing while you are cutting something.

Another thing we really liked about this card is that it comes with a really nice metal gift box. Ready to be delivered as a present for a person close to you.

This knife is just great to complete everyday tasks such as peeling fruit, cutting coupons, rescue an animal, fixing something or just any cutting task that you might come up with in your everyday life.

credit card knife illegal in airportsIs the Credit Card Knife Illegal in Airports?

This is a really common question among the buyers of this cardsharp product. The truth is that every day there are dozens of these knives confiscated by the TSA agents at the airport every day.

The warning against this stealth knife was issued since 2013. Even if people try to conceal it as in their wallet it is fairly easy to be found as the stainless steel immediately activates the metal detector.

The credit card knife is not illegal in airports for being considered a concealed weapon. Remember that all knives of any size are prohibited. You can check the TSA List of Prohibited Items for more information on the subject.

If you plan to travel with your credit card knife, remember to place it in your checked luggage every time. Avoid losing your credit card knife just because you forgot you had it in your wallet.