How to Choose the Best Zirconia Ceramic Knives

Zirconia ceramic knives have already been extremely popular with professional chefs on TV and off for many years now. Lots of people are going with all the fad and purchasing a zirconia ceramic knife given that they have been available away from the expert culinary arena.


Yet, just before you make the leap and get this great zirconia knife, factors to consider so it will likely be suitable for your requirements are listed below.

Practical Functionality

Undoubtedly, probably the most touted characteristic of ceramic kitchen knives are their capability to withhold the sharpness of the cutting edges for a long period. The reason being they have been made from a really hard material called zirconia.

Considering that this material is a lot harder when compared with steel, a zirconia ceramic knife will hold it is sharpness considerably longer than the usual comparatively delicate forged steel knife. Though, it doesn’t make ceramic knives the perfect knife for much round use.

It really is strongly recommended which you curb your utilization of zirconia┬áceramic knives to your cutting vegetables and fruits, and boneless meat. A lot of ceramic knives have already been recognized to chip if utilized on frozen foods or in slicing purposes. Also, be careful in the daily handling of one’s ceramic knife because it is will definitely crack if dropped.


Usually, the top quality Zirconia Ceramic Knives for sale are priced between 40 and two hundred dollars in comparison to stainless steel kitchen knives that always vary between twenty and one hundred dollars.

Even though there are some companies who sell cheaper types, they’ve been found to provide inferior knives that chip quickly. A ceramic knife made with zirconia is certainly one of these items in which the saying “Good is not inexpensive and inexpensive is not good” is true. A greater price equals a greater quality, long lasting ceramic knife.

Sharpening Zirconia Ceramic Knives

Though it will require a long while to occur, a ceramic knife at some point become dull. When this occurs there are two main options. The foremost is to sharpen the knife on your own and also the other would be to dispatch the knife into the manufacturing facility for sharpening.

In the event that you decide on self-sharpening, you’ll need a diamond knife sharpening rod. These may normally be bought for somewhere between 25 and at least 70 US dollars.


The procedure itself requires a large amount of care and precision and thus lots of people choose the 2nd sharpening selection. Factory sharpening ensures that the maker will require your knife and also sharpen it properly for a little price.

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If you would like a unique non-metal knife which will work wonderfully for slicing fruits, veggies, and boneless meat and therefore aren’t worried about the buying price of it, then the ceramic kitchen knife might be suitable for you.

If still, you would like a sturdy, all-purpose knife that may handle cutting, sawing over frosty foods and bone tissues, and would rather a less expensive knife, then the ceramic knife just isn’t the best option for you personally; you’d be best off purchasing a regular developed stainless steel knife set.