8 Mar 2017

Vintage Celtic Pocket Knife For Sale – Hand Forged Blade

Take a look at this Celtic pocket knife made by Toferner, one of the best blacksmiths nowadays. The unique ornament and vintage value of this knife is entirely hand crafted. You will not find pieces of art

3 Mar 2017

3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Pocket Knife for You

In this short guide we are going to show you the best tips so you can pick the perfect pocket knife that fits with your lifestyle. Choosing the right blade can make a huge difference on its performance

26 Jun 2016

INOX Switchblade: The Most Elegant Italian Stiletto

INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exist on the web. More than an a switchblade, this one is the finest pieces of art in knives. If you are looking for the best and rarest switchblade
29 Mar 2016

TAC Force Spring Assisted Knife With Tactical Blade

These cool TAC Force spring assisted tactical knives are among the coolest blades that you could find online. This tool comes #1 as the best seller in the category of hunting knives. This spring assisted knife opens

23 Sep 2015

Vintage Old Timer Pocket Knife

You have never seen something with more style and class than this old timer pocket knife. This is a true classic made by Schrade, once one of the biggest manufacturer of knives in all the continent that
18 Sep 2015

Kershaw Pocket Knife – 1660 Onion Leek With SpeedSafe

If you are reading this, it means that you have found the perfect and most elegant pocket knife in the world. The Kershaw 1660 is an excellent folding knife that you can open with just one hand.
12 Sep 2015

3 Reasons Why Damascus Steel Pocket Knives Are the Best

Are you planning to get a new knife? We are going to tell you why damascus steel pocket knives are your best choice. This material is not only one of the highest quality on the market but
10 Sep 2015

Best Oscillating Multi-Tool Uses – Professional Kit Bundle

An oscillating multi-tool is ideal for slicing and sanding, cutting wood or plastic material, along with slicing copper and PVC pipeline. The little foot print causes it to be the perfect tool to achieve reaching all those
12 Jul 2015

Perfect Gift for Dad – Personalized Pocket Knife for Sale

We are going to reveal you the tips to choose the perfect personalized pocket knife gift for dad. Read about everything you need to know to make a smart decision to get the best price. The engraved
10 Jul 2015

The Best Custom Engraved Pocket Knives for Groomsmen

You don’t have to look any further, here you can find the custom engraved pocket knives that you have been looking for. Learn how to get the best possible deal when buying custom knives so you can