21 Mar 2017

Cold Steel Karambit Knife for Sale – CS:GO Replicas

This Karambit knife is what you need in your collection. One of the most popular replicas inspired by videogames. One of these knives with a curved blade resembling a claw is known as a Karambit knife. It

2 Sep 2016

Sweeney Todd Razor Blades – The Demon Barber Knives

Imagine having the iconic razor blades from the famous Demon Barber, Sweeney Todd, in your hands. It is now possible to get these movie props and also for an amazingly cheap price. This is definitely one of

11 Sep 2015

Amazing Set of Batman Replica Throwing Knives for Sale

This is your chance to get the power of the Dark Knight in your own hands with this set of realistic Batman throwing knives for sale. These are not toys and are considered as actual throwing blades.