1 Mar 2017

Tactical Rescue Knife With Adjustable LED – Full Review

Tactical rescue knives are supposed to be top quality among the survival gear. This is not cutting vegetables the right way. It is about the survival and preservation of life itself. Here we are going to take

18 Apr 2016

Boker Hunting Knife for Sale – Best Fixed Blade Tool

Take a look at this elegant and fine Boker hunting knife for sale. One of the best fixed blades knives that you will find. If you are looking for excellent quality knife to use outdoors then you

4 Dec 2015

Gerber Survival Knife Review – Bear Grylls Survival Edition

When you buy a Gerber survival knife you know that you are getting a top quality product capable to do any job. This is a quality brand specialized in making some of the best knives on the market.
26 Nov 2015

Camping Knives – Complete Guide to Choose the Best

If you can’t decide between all the different camping knives available in the market then probably we can help you. Remember that having the right tool is essential to successfully survive on the wilds. There are two

24 Nov 2015

World’s Best Survival Knife – Top Quality Outdoors Gear

Here you will find the best survival knife available on the market. This is just the perfect tool for a serious survivalist to use on the outdoors. It does not matter if you are hiking, camping, hunting
16 Jul 2015

Original Bowie Knife for Sale

Here we are going to show you the best bowie knife for sale on the market. You will not even want to look other knives after you check out this one. Learn the reason why this is
10 Jul 2015

3 Spectacular Swiss Army Knives for All Purposes

Take a look at these fine Swiss army knives selection that we have for you. Discover which knife is the right for you and get it today at an excellent price. There is a 100% customer satisfaction
26 Jun 2014

The Best Tactical Tomahawk For Sale You Have Ever Seen

We bring you our favorite tactical tomahawk for sale on the web. This is not just any tomahawk that works as an hatchet. This is a fantastic multitool perfect for any breaching operation you have to deal