Boker Hunting Knife for Sale – Best Fixed Blade Tool

Take a look at this elegant and fine Boker hunting knife for sale. One of the best-fixed blades knives that you will find. If you are looking for an excellent quality knife to use outdoors then you have found it.


Fixed blade knives such as the Arbolito Hunter Boker are excellent for any kind of survival situation as they have proven to give you a better grip and resistance than folding knives.

You usually don’t have this problem with a folding pocket knife which you can securely put it anywhere you want when you are not using it.

Here are some advantages of using a fixed blade Boker knife:

  • It is not as dangerous as a poor quality folding knife which may unexpectedly close and cut your hand.
  • A fixed blade knife does not have moving parts.
  • It can handle a lot more stress and give you better leverage.
  • It is faster to deploy and way stronger than a folding knife.
  • They are usually the cheapest high-quality pocket knives.

Boker is a commercial manufacturer and distributor of folding and outdoor knives founded in 1869, based in Solingen, Germany. They are focused on making good quality products and customer satisfaction.

Boker Hunting Pocket Knife for Sale

Today we have for you the Arbolito Hunter Wood Boker model, a pocket knife made of N695 stainless steel.

As you can see in the picture, it has a rugged stag handle with an amazing and classy design to give you a sturdy grip to complete any task in a safe way without giving out the appearances.

When you purchase this Boker hunting knife, it will come with a leather sheath with a belt loop so you can carry it with you and have it ready for some survival action at any time.

It has a 4 3/4 inch blade with a very good edge out of the box, ready to be used in any outdoors task.

This knife is also excellent to do basic wood-carving tasks. The perfect way to spend your precious time with nature.

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