Best Single Blade Razor for Men – Professional Shaving

Are you ready to switch your disposable razor for a cool single blade razor for men? Here we are going to show you how to choose the best one bladed razor for all your needs. Discover how to find the perfect one bladed razor for you.

single blade razor for men

It is actually pretty hard to choose the right single blade razor if all your life if you have been using the traditional models from commercial brands.

Have you noticed that most barber shops use single blade razors instead of the popular double or even triple-bladed ones?

This is because the single bladed razors will give you a professional and smooth shave with a much cleaner look.

Some of the benefits of using a single blade razor for men are:

  • It gives you a smoother shave and a cleaner look.
  • They are way easier to clean than disposable razors.
  • A single razor blade can last a lifetime with the proper sharpening technique.
  • It looks way more manly than disposable razor blades (ask any woman in the world).
  • You will save a lot of money in the long run.

Cutting yourself is one of the most common fears when you start using a single blade razor. It is important to learn the proper way to use this tool. You can achieve this just by learning some good shaving tips. There are literally thousands of online videos showing you the right way to shave.

Which is the Right Single Blade Razor for Men?

Here is possibly the best one bladed razor that we recommend you to use for their quality and excellent price. If you still do not feel entirely convinced, you can ask in your local barber shop for more guidance.

This is the Classic Samurai CS-102 one of the most popular professional single edge razors for men. This stainless steel razor has been designed with top quality engineering.

It is one of the most common razors in many barber shops and also has been recommended by many people for personal use.

You can buy the kit for less than twenty dollars and it will come with two blade replacements allowing you to have a perfect shave for quite a while. The handle on this single blade razor has been made to be comfortable to touch.

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