Shaving Method for Men With Sensitive Skin – Smooth & Clean

Your morning shave has become a nightmare for you because of your sensitive skin? Come and learn the best shaving method to deal with irritation, dryness and even razor burns.

If you are in a job that demands a clean shave as part of the dressing code or you simply enjoy the look of it, it can become super frustrating if you happen to have a really sensitive facial skin.

Cutting yourself with a razor blade every single morning because your skin can be really annoying. The simple fact of showing up to work or school every morning with red spots of irritation in your face and neck can drive you crazy.

Best Shaving Techniques for Sensitive Skin

Here is a handful of tips that you can use to say goodbye to that irritation and red marks that appear on your face every morning after shaving.

1. Use a moisturizer before and after shaving. This is always an important part of the best shaving method to take care of your skin. By simply using a facial lotion on your cheeks and neck you will protect your skin.

2. Avoid the use of cheap products. It doesn’t matter if you rather use a professional shaving razor or disposable ones. Having good quality products and blades means everything.

3. Use the best shaving cream for sensitive skin. We don’t have a specific brand to recommend you but you can try with the Aveeno Therapeutic shave gel. Remember to read the package of any shaving cream you choose and remember to look for the one made especially for sensitive skin.

4. The technique is everything. Take a look at the video by Guillette from showing a really good shaving method to shave your face.

5. Keep your blades nice and clean. Sometimes we are in a hurry in the mornings but don’t forget to clean your shaving blades at least every night before going to sleep.

The most important tip on this short list is to constantly moisturize your skin each time you shave. We can’t stress enough on how important this is to protect your skin.

We hope you have found some of these shaving methods useful to protect your sensitive skin. If you have any other idea or technique, please feel free to share it with the community on our Facebook page.