Pocket Knives

Cheap Butterfly Knives to Safely Learn Amazing Tricks

If you are into showing the best style of all you can get it with these cheap butterfly knives that we have for you. Impress your friends and family with your unique skills using these beautiful pocket knives.

The butterfly knives are my personal favorites when it comes to pocket knives to carry every day. They have a lot of styles not to mention the awesome cool tricks that you can do with them.

As you can see in the video below, where a skilled owner shows some of the most popular techniques for using this cool knife.

The thing I love about butterfly knives is the fantastic grip and the fact that is entirely safe to carry them in your pocket or backpack because when is closed it just can’t cause any harm.

You can train and master your own personal technique for using them. Even if they are not as sharp as other knives on the market, the balisong will just do the job that you require.

Amazing and Cheap Butterfly Knives

Fury Tactical Tempest Folding Knife

cheap-butterfly-knivesToday we bring to you two amazing and cheap butterfly knives that you can get for just a couple of dollars. The first is this Fury Tactical Tempest Folding Knife, this amazing knife has a handle of brushed aluminum and a 3.5″ blade of stainless satin.

This one has a clip to hold the blade safely in a place while you manage it so it doesn’t close, this is a just fantastic safety knife with the great style of a butterfly knife.

A great thing about this knife is the solid gray color of the aluminum that clearly shows that it is a sturdy and sharp tool.

Practice Balisong Butterfly Knife

practice-cheap-butterfly-knivesIf you are planning to get your first balisong, there is nothing better than getting a pair of these cheap practice butterfly knives. This is a practice knife with a dull edge.

I know it doesn’t sound rude or manly at all, but believe me, this is the best way to start.

You want to learn the most awesome tricks and for that, you need healthy hands, not filled with cuts and blood. I would recommend you to get a pair of these so you can practice with both hands at the same time, it is a lot easier to learn this way.

Even though if you think this is not the best option for you,  I can tell you that these practice butterfly knives make a perfect gift for teenagers and kids.

You can become the cool dad/uncle/mom/aunt by giving them the chance to try and learn a new and cool hobby without any risk at all. You can also get these at for around five dollars each.