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Amazing Set of Batman Replica Throwing Knives for Sale

This is your chance to get the power of the Dark Knight in your own hands with this set of realistic Batman throwing knives for sale. These are not toys and are considered as actual throwing blades.


If you are a fan of Batman then you already know that one of his iconic weapons on the series is the Batarang.

These throwing knives are made with the shape of Batman’s symbol. This is an exact replica of the knives that you have seen in the last three movies.

This is a set that includes three Batman throwing knives of 6 inches made from black stainless steel. They also include a black nylon pouch to carry them or attach them to your belt just like the real hero.

As we have mentioned before, these are not meant to be used by children or teenagers without proper adult supervision.

These real Batman throwing knives are shipped to your house already sharpened and ready for some knife throwing action.

How to Throw Batman Throwing Knives?

If you don’t have any experience with throwing knives then we suggest you take a look at the next tutorial video that is going to show you all the basics that you are going to need.

The use of these thematic throwing knives is not different from any other. They are designed to be used effectively in this sport. The general recommendations are exactly the same:

  1. Use them only in wide open spaces.
  2. Take the necessary cautions to avoid people passing through the practice zone.
  3. Get some target that allows the throwing knife to get attached to.

These Batman replica knives are the perfect gift for any fan of the series. Also a great addition to a knives collection. Keep in mind that these are not toys. If you are only a fan who is not interested in this sport you can still have them for the exhibition but you should always keep them out of reach of children.

Remember that on this website we have also shown you this incredible set of ninja kunais that can also be used as throwing weapons for practice. What are you waiting for?

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