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3 Spectacular Swiss Army Knives for All Purposes

Take a look at these fine Swiss army knives selection that we have for you. Discover which knife is the right for you and get it today at an excellent price. There is a 100% customer satisfaction rate when it comes to Swiss army products. Their quality is way better than most of the knives on the market.

Among the common tools that you can find in a Swiss army pocket knife you can find:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Can or bottle openers.
  • Blades.
  • Scissors.
  • Pliers.
  • Corkscrews.
  • And other parts that are not usually included in the military version.

One thing is certain about this kind of knives, they can handle a lot of different situations. This is the reason for the main debate between Swiss army knives and multi-tools. In the end it all the depends on the style of life that you have and the possible uses that you pretend to give to it.

Top Popular Swiss Army Knives

victorinox-swiss-army-knifeFirst of all, we have the Classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. This is by far the most popular choice by men.

This pocket knife is only 2-1/4 inches long which makes it perfect for fixing simple situations.

It includes a set of six tools: scissors, knife blade, nail file, screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers.

You can get this knife in a variety of more than twenty different colors. Which makes it the perfect gift for any person and situation.

Just by having one of these you will feel prepared for any kind of situation that you might come across with.

swiss-army-knives-saleIn the second place, we have the Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife. Rated as the best choice for this website personally.

It has a wider range of stainless tools: two blades, can opener, two screwdrivers, parcel hook, scissors, bottle opener, toothpick, and tweezers.

The quality of this Swiss pocket knife is so amazing that it comes with a free lifetime warranty that you probably are never going to need.

As this one is 3-1/4 inches long, we recommend it especially for campers, hikers and boy scouts.

But think for a moment in all the situations where you had wished to have one of these tools at hand. This excellent tool will turn you into a real life saver.

wenger-swiss-army-knivesFinally, we have the EVO S10 Wenger Swiss Army Knife another of the popular choices on the market.

With 2-1/2 inches long and 9 different tools, it is considered as the middle point between the previous two army knives.

This one is often selected because of the corkscrew but as we have told you before, make your choice depending on your lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter which one of the top three knives do you choose or even if you prefer to look, other models. When you are buying a Swiss army product you are always getting an ergonomic design and a top quality product.

The only downside that people find in these knives is that they are rarely found available to be customized with a laser.

Pocket Knives

The Best Custom Engraved Pocket Knives for Groomsmen

You don’t have to look any further, here you can find the custom engraved pocket knives that you have been looking for. Learn how to get the best possible deal when buying custom knives so you can get the best quality for a low price.custom-engraved-pocket-knives

As you might already know, pocket knives are excellent tools in daily life. They are a huge help and you can carry them around easily in your pocket.

If you already own one, think for a moment in all the situations that you have used it in the past or, if you don’t, think of all the situations that having one would turn you into the hero of the moment. Wouldn’t it be great to have a custom engraved knife the next time?

Customizing a pocket knife is just the perfect gift for groomsmen for your friend, husband, uncle, father or even yourself. A personalized gift is always better and more special. That person will think of you each time that uses that tool to solve a problem.

How to Get Cheap Engraved Pocket Knives

Maybe you have heard of different techniques of engraving knives but we can tell you that definitely, the laser engraved pocket knives are by far the best ones.

The quality is amazing and they can provide an amazing detail to the design that you provide.

The most important thing if you want to get the best possible deal is to avoid amateurs at all costs.

Sure they can save a couple of bucks for you but that doesn’t guarantee the quality that you are looking for. Keep in mind that engraving is something permanent that can’t be undone.


If you are just getting your pocket knife for engraving then we recommend you to take a look at this provider.

They are recognized for the quality of their products and now offer an industrial laser engraving service for an excellent price. The best of all is that they have a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Remember that when you are making deals with professionals that means that you are getting a quality product. That is the most important thing when you are buying a custom knife. As always the safety comes first and a good engraving would be a waste in a poorly made knife.

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The Best Tactical Tomahawk For Sale You Have Ever Seen

We bring you our favorite tactical tomahawk for sale on the web. This is not just any tomahawk that works as a hatchet. This is a fantastic multitool perfect for any breaching operation you have to deal with.  This is by far the best specialty tool that you will find and the only that you will need.

tomahawk-for-saleThe SOG Tactical Tomahawk has a 2.75-inch ax blade made of stainless steel and it has a black finish of ballistic nylon stealth.

The handle is a glass-reinforced ballistic polymer, one of the strongest materials that you will be able to find in this kind of tools.

Making it really versatile for tasks such as excavation, removal of obstacles or extractions of unwanted materials.

Another great thing that we love about this tomahawk for sale is that the company SOG is offering you a one-year warranty for this product.

But this is so well made that you will never need to use that warranty.

This is the Best Tomahawk for Sale You Will Ever Find

The ergonomic and lightweight design that features on this 16.8 inches tomahawk for sale ensures that you will perform the most precise cuts comfortably in your hand.

Perform at the best of multitasking with this amazing multitool-tomahawk as it has a side hammer checkering, a steel ferrule for additional strength.


If you are not planning to cut anything for the day you can still use the blunt edge for hammering or the chiseled edge for extraction.

If you are a person that is into backpacking or camping you can use this tactical tomahawk for sale to cut firewood, dig holes on the ground, driving tent stakes, pulling tent stakes and also for entertainment.

This tool is so well balanced that it is also good as a throwing ax but if you are looking into a more specialized knife for the tool check out our kunai throwing knives.

Order yours now at an incredible price clicking on the button below and grab a fantastic discount of more than 50%  on our favorite tomahawk for sale.

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Pocket Knives

Impressive OTF Knives You Have Not Heard Of

Do you know what is the best thing about the OTF knives? Maybe you think that the most important thing is that you can carry them anywhere you want safely.


Maybe the sharpness or the good grip is what you care about. Either way, we agree with you, the OTF spring assisted knives are really something you should take a look at.

If you are new to this type of magnificent blades, the OTF stands for “Out The Front”, they are also known as “sliding knives“.

This is because the blade is hidden in the handle which allows you to put it in your pocket or backpack or anywhere you want in a safe way.

Some of them are also automatic, a simple wrist movement or the push of a button allows you to quickly draw the otf knives.

We have brought to you today one of our favorites. The Schrade Viper 3, this knife has one of the greatest blades that you can find in this category of knives as it is a double-edged blade. Also, the black and gray finish in aluminum makes it look elegant and professional at the same time.

Great OTF Knives for Sale!

Another great thing that makes this piece unique among the other knives is that it features an assisted automatic development with a manual retraction knife.

This means that you need to push the slider that is found close to the end of the handle to let the spring mechanism do the rest of the work.

Then retract the blade simply by releasing the lock and pull back down the slider to its original place.

Some people do not agree with us in this case, some seem to prefer the fully automatic otf knives, but we think that one needs to be in charge all the time. When you are in control of the development and retraction of your own tool you can never go wrong.

One is supposed to control the knife not otherwise. Get yours now! Grab one of the discounted units before they run out!

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Pocket Knives

Cheap Butterfly Knives to Safely Learn Amazing Tricks

If you are into showing the best style of all you can get it with these cheap butterfly knives that we have for you. Impress your friends and family with your unique skills using these beautiful pocket knives.

The butterfly knives are my personal favorites when it comes to pocket knives to carry every day. They have a lot of styles not to mention the awesome cool tricks that you can do with them.

As you can see in the video below, where a skilled owner shows some of the most popular techniques for using this cool knife.

The thing I love about butterfly knives is the fantastic grip and the fact that is entirely safe to carry them in your pocket or backpack because when is closed it just can’t cause any harm.

You can train and master your own personal technique for using them. Even if they are not as sharp as other knives on the market, the balisong will just do the job that you require.

Amazing and Cheap Butterfly Knives

Fury Tactical Tempest Folding Knife

cheap-butterfly-knivesToday we bring to you two amazing and cheap butterfly knives that you can get for just a couple of dollars. The first is this Fury Tactical Tempest Folding Knife, this amazing knife has a handle of brushed aluminum and a 3.5″ blade of stainless satin.

This one has a clip to hold the blade safely in a place while you manage it so it doesn’t close, this is a just fantastic safety knife with the great style of a butterfly knife.

A great thing about this knife is the solid gray color of the aluminum that clearly shows that it is a sturdy and sharp tool.

Practice Balisong Butterfly Knife

practice-cheap-butterfly-knivesIf you are planning to get your first balisong, there is nothing better than getting a pair of these cheap practice butterfly knives. This is a practice knife with a dull edge.

I know it doesn’t sound rude or manly at all, but believe me, this is the best way to start.

You want to learn the most awesome tricks and for that, you need healthy hands, not filled with cuts and blood. I would recommend you to get a pair of these so you can practice with both hands at the same time, it is a lot easier to learn this way.

Even though if you think this is not the best option for you,  I can tell you that these practice butterfly knives make a perfect gift for teenagers and kids.

You can become the cool dad/uncle/mom/aunt by giving them the chance to try and learn a new and cool hobby without any risk at all. You can also get these at for around five dollars each.


Impressive Set of Cheap Kunai Throwing Knives for Sale

The kunai throwing knives are one of the best throwing weapons that you can find. The lightweight and precision of them are simply amazing. Besides the fact that they can be used as a regular cutting knife too!

kunai-throwing-knivesThis is one of my personal favorite weapons. I’m not a great fan of ninja weapons but you have to admit that kunai throwing knives look awesome.

The shape of the knife makes it perfect for throwing, offering an excellent piercing property.

This weapon provides excellent accuracy and is easy to master after a few practice throws. They are a must have in any collection.

Today we have for you this excellent product, this is a set of 3 Stealth Black Kunai Throwing Knives that for a limited time you can get for under $10 dollars!

These are made from 440 stainless steel one of the best materials you can find in throwing knives, they have a total length of 6.5″.

When you purchase them it is also included the black nylon case for storage that can be attached to your belt.

Set of 3 Kunai Throwing Knives

As you can see in the picture, the handle is wrapped in nylon, providing you an excellent grip at the moment of using the kunai throwing knives in any situation. This is the best selling item in the Tactical Knives category in


If you are a fan of throwing knives or ninja weapons you can’t miss these beauties in your collection. The triple function of the kunais as a throwing weapon, piercing and slashing object can’t be compared.

Their short reach for close combat is immediately compensated by the throwing ability and precision. Besides the low cost of this product makes it perfect for practice and allows you to always have a backup when you need it.

You can’t go wrong with this sale, this is one of the best articles that you can find. Grab them while they are still in stock. This is a tactical weapon that you absolutely need to have with you.

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