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Kershaw Pocket Knife – 1660 Onion Leek With SpeedSafe

If you are reading this, it means that you have found the perfect and most elegant pocket knife in the world. The Kershaw 1660 is an excellent folding knife that you can open with just one hand. Really helpful in a variety of situations such as hunting, working or fishing.

kershaw-pocket-knifeThis Kershaw pocket knife is considered the best by many experts. It has been built with the effective and new Speed Safe assisted system that allows a smooth ambidextrous opening.

This makes it perfect for anyone, you can make it a perfect gift for any gentleman.

You can get this pocket folding knife in two different colors: steel gray or stealth black. Feel free to choose the one that fits your necessities and your style. They both will deliver to you the best quality from any Kershaw product.

The handle is made from bead-blasted stainless steel and the blade from 14c28n steel. One of the most durable and sharp materials, perfect for any kind of situations. This cool knife weighs only 3.1 ounces which makes it excellent to carry safely in your pocket.

Is This The Best Kershaw Pocket Knife?

We can tell you for sure that the Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek is the most popular model among the Kershaw knives. This is not just any cheap quality folding knife. Here you get what you are paying for.


The Speed Safe mechanism included in this pocket knife makes it be considered as an automatic knife by some users. Of course, you can always open it manually if you think is safer.

When you buy this hunting knife from Kershaw it comes with a lifetime warranty that you will probably never need. The quality of this knife is just excellent to meet the expectations of anyone.

The only caution that we need to add related to this knife is that is not safe to use with wet or slippery hands. The handle does not have traction and will be dangerous to hold in those situations. Other than that this is just the perfect pocket knife that you have been waiting for.

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Pocket Knives

3 Reasons Why Damascus Steel Pocket Knives Are the Best

Are you planning to get a new knife? We are going to tell you why Damascus steel pocket knives are your best choice. This material is not only one of the highest quality on the market but they also have amazing and unique design.


Usually, people who say that they are not interested in original Damascus steel knives is because they don’t know about it. This type of steel was used in Near East to make blades. The name comes from a city in Syria and it could also refer to the typical patterns from Damask fabrics.

Any expert in knives is going to tell you about the different qualities that material must meet to be considered appropriate for blades. We are going to list you here the main reasons why Damascus steel is the perfect choice for your pocket knives.

Best Qualities of Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

Legendary Features

Through history, this kind of steel has been praised by important sources such as National Geographic or the New York Times. Reporting that this steel has the ability to cut through a rifle barrel or even to cut a hair falling across the blade. Who wouldn’t want to carry a legendary pocket knife?

Tough Blades

As we just mentioned, Damascus steel has been used in blades trough history and this includes wars. That is a situation where the life of soldiers was on the line and they couldn’t afford to use a poor quality blade on the field. This is why they are resistant and really hard to shatter.


Elegant Design

The main quality of this kind of steel is the patterns developed while it is worked. You can spend literally hours admiring this design as it were a piece of art in your own hands.

The best thing you can do if you already made up your mind to get one of these knives is to get a pair of custom Damascus steel pocket knives. Remember that even a simple design or a name engraved in a knife can make a world of difference for the owner. It is possible that he is going to like it so much that will keep it in a special case all the time.

This makes them the perfect gift for any special event or birthday. Always look for certified sellers so you know that you are getting a quality product for the best possible price.

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Movie Replicas

Amazing Set of Batman Replica Throwing Knives for Sale

This is your chance to get the power of the Dark Knight in your own hands with this set of realistic Batman throwing knives for sale. These are not toys and are considered as actual throwing blades.


If you are a fan of Batman then you already know that one of his iconic weapons on the series is the Batarang.

These throwing knives are made with the shape of Batman’s symbol. This is an exact replica of the knives that you have seen in the last three movies.

This is a set that includes three Batman throwing knives of 6 inches made from black stainless steel. They also include a black nylon pouch to carry them or attach them to your belt just like the real hero.

As we have mentioned before, these are not meant to be used by children or teenagers without proper adult supervision.

These real Batman throwing knives are shipped to your house already sharpened and ready for some knife throwing action.

How to Throw Batman Throwing Knives?

If you don’t have any experience with throwing knives then we suggest you take a look at the next tutorial video that is going to show you all the basics that you are going to need.

The use of these thematic throwing knives is not different from any other. They are designed to be used effectively in this sport. The general recommendations are exactly the same:

  1. Use them only in wide open spaces.
  2. Take the necessary cautions to avoid people passing through the practice zone.
  3. Get some target that allows the throwing knife to get attached to.

These Batman replica knives are the perfect gift for any fan of the series. Also a great addition to a knives collection. Keep in mind that these are not toys. If you are only a fan who is not interested in this sport you can still have them for the exhibition but you should always keep them out of reach of children.

Remember that on this website we have also shown you this incredible set of ninja kunais that can also be used as throwing weapons for practice. What are you waiting for?

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Legal Disclaimer

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase or buy in our Amazon collectible item eStore, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age.

NO SALES TO MINORS. Some laws may require that you be at least 21 years of age to receive the item. We are not liable for any damages or injury caused by abuse, or misuse of these products.

By purchasing any item sold by us, the buyer expressly warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of the item, in addition, this item is for recreational use only; please use them responsibly as they are meant to be used.

Pocket Knives

Best Oscillating Multi-Tool Uses – Professional Kit Bundle

An oscillating multi-tool is ideal for slicing and sanding, cutting wood or plastic material, along with slicing copper and PVC pipeline.

oscillating-multi-toolThe little footprint on this electric multi-tool causes it to be the perfect tool to achieve reaching all those snug spaces.

With all the right blades it really is an excellent tool to get rid of grout near to tile and will enable you to get rid of a countertop without the need of destroying a ceramic tile backsplash.

While doing renovations to old windowpanes, doorways, and sashes it could make brief work of removing the previous paint.

The oscillating multi-tool is built to cut tough areas, not soft such as for instance any fingers that occur to block the way. It was initially utilized in hospitals to get rid of casts; it might easily cut the plaster but would not allow an abrasion to the underlying skin area.

If the plan would be to incorporate an oscillating multi-tool in your tool bundle for an intermittent job then your 1.5 amp motor is going to do just fine, but, if you’re preparing any significant restorations and even utilizing it to be a full-time tool home based building and remodeling then your larger and much more powerful 2.5 amp electric motor will certainly deal with any job you are able to toss at it.

When you decide over the amount you’ll be utilizing the multi-tool, the following decision is always to either opt for a wireless battery powered type or utilize it using a power cord.

How to Choose the Best Oscillating Multi-Tool?

In the event that you will likely be utilizing the tool in difficult to reach areas, the wireless model will likely be your very best bet, however, if you’ll be utilizing for extended periods you’ll have to ensure that you have additional battery bundle. For any house handyman, the easy corded model may be the solution.

Whatever your decision, bear in mind for the flexibility of the tool. It isn’t merely a cut-off saw. It can be utilized to be a sander, scraper, as well as employed to slice metal such as for instance nails, or hardwood along with plastic materials.

Plumbing technicians have already been utilizing it just like a cut-off saw when it comes to copper pipes due to the sleek edge it actually leaves.


Each year there are many more and more functions found for any oscillating multi-tool. Latest blades are increasingly being manufactured for brand new uses on a regular basis.

There is certainly a good specialty blade designed for eliminating the caulking on patio boards on motorboats that do not cause harm to the hardwood.

A few of the blades could be expensive and also the best tip to increase the life span of some of the blades would be to allow the oscillating multi-tool to do the majority of the job.

It might cut-through a surface a little faster in the event that you put load but this may surely shorten the life span for the blade. There are that just a little an excessive amount of force while slicing wood will, in fact, burn up the hardwood so rehearse that gentle touch.

Like most other latest power tool practicing over and over again will make you perfect, take some time with a few scrap hardwood and find out how it feels and find out precisely what this oscillating multi-tool can perform. The training curve with the oscillating multi-tool is simple. When mastered it is the head to tool in almost any professional tool kit.

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Cutlery & Accesories

How to Choose the Best Zirconia Ceramic Knives

Zirconia ceramic knives have already been extremely popular with professional chefs on TV and off for many years now. Lots of people are going with all the fad and purchasing a zirconia ceramic knife given that they have been available away from the expert culinary arena.


Yet, just before you make the leap and get this great zirconia knife, factors to consider so it will likely be suitable for your requirements are listed below.

Practical Functionality

Undoubtedly, probably the most touted characteristic of ceramic kitchen knives are their capability to withhold the sharpness of the cutting edges for a long period. The reason being they have been made from a really hard material called zirconia.

Considering that this material is a lot harder when compared with steel, a zirconia ceramic knife will hold it is sharpness considerably longer than the usual comparatively delicate forged steel knife. Though, it doesn’t make ceramic knives the perfect knife for much round use.

It really is strongly recommended which you curb your utilization of zirconia┬áceramic knives to your cutting vegetables and fruits, and boneless meat. A lot of ceramic knives have already been recognized to chip if utilized on frozen foods or in slicing purposes. Also, be careful in the daily handling of one’s ceramic knife because it is will definitely crack if dropped.


Usually, the top quality Zirconia Ceramic Knives for sale are priced between 40 and two hundred dollars in comparison to stainless steel kitchen knives that always vary between twenty and one hundred dollars.

Even though there are some companies who sell cheaper types, they’ve been found to provide inferior knives that chip quickly. A ceramic knife made with zirconia is certainly one of these items in which the saying “Good is not inexpensive and inexpensive is not good” is true. A greater price equals a greater quality, long lasting ceramic knife.

Sharpening Zirconia Ceramic Knives

Though it will require a long while to occur, a ceramic knife at some point become dull. When this occurs there are two main options. The foremost is to sharpen the knife on your own and also the other would be to dispatch the knife into the manufacturing facility for sharpening.

In the event that you decide on self-sharpening, you’ll need a diamond knife sharpening rod. These may normally be bought for somewhere between 25 and at least 70 US dollars.


The procedure itself requires a large amount of care and precision and thus lots of people choose the 2nd sharpening selection. Factory sharpening ensures that the maker will require your knife and also sharpen it properly for a little price.

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If you would like a unique non-metal knife which will work wonderfully for slicing fruits, veggies, and boneless meat and therefore aren’t worried about the buying price of it, then the ceramic kitchen knife might be suitable for you.

If still, you would like a sturdy, all-purpose knife that may handle cutting, sawing over frosty foods and bone tissues, and would rather a less expensive knife, then the ceramic knife just isn’t the best option for you personally; you’d be best off purchasing a regular developed stainless steel knife set.

Cutlery & Accesories

Professional Chef Knife Set With Case – Honest Review

Upgrade your kitchen with a professional chef knife set with case. This is probably the last cutlery set that you are ever going to need in your life, an impressive set that is worthy of a cooking expert.


You probably already know that a professional set of chef knives is not something cheap.

That is the reason why you need to be sure that you are making a smart purchase and today we are going to help you.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of cutlery pieces includes in the set.

The most popular ones include only a few different knives with a knife sharpening rod.

You need to make small research before you buy the product so you learn how to use properly each one of these chef tools.

Think a little bit into the future so you can check if the set contains all everything that you need. Keep in mind that you are already making an investment so it would be a good idea to also protect it with a case.

Slitzer Professional Chef Knife Set With Case

We want to show you today our personal favorite that also has received hundreds of good reviews by real gourmet chefs. Remember that these are not just knives, these are instruments that you are going to use in this form of art that is cooking.

The Slitzer knives set has 21 different pieces of cutlery, including poultry shears, meat fork with prongs, carving knife, different sizes of knives, cleaver, meat slicer, sharpener, long knife, chef’s knife, fillet knife, boning knife, decorating knife, lemon grater, decorating scoop, oyster knife, multi-use knife, cheese knife, potato peeler, melon baller.

Each one of these pieces is ergonomically made with top quality steel. All this set fits perfectly in the aluminum hard-sided case that is included with your purchase.

This professional chef knife set is perfect for a beginner to learn to cook like an expert and also for professional chefs to have a backup set.

It is the perfect gift for any enthusiast that wants to improve his or her cooking skills. Get this set and awake the chef within you!

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Cutlery & Accesories

Economical Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod for Expert Chefs

Take a look at the best way to save money and obtain a quality product with this economical ceramic knife sharpening rod brought to you by Messermeister. This is a must-have tool to maintain your knife’s edge.


Remember that when we talk about knives, safety is first. That is the reason why quality is the most important factor. This ceramic rod is a knife sharpener that offers you an ergonomic design with a soft and secure grip.

This is a tool that you absolutely need to keep the edge on any kind of knives. It doesn’t matter if you are into cooking, hunting, hiking or you just need it for your pocket knife.

Always keep in mind that a sharpening rod is way safer than a stone. Maybe you can only get better quality by getting an electric sharpener but this is not always the best choice, it all depends on the place and situations that you pretend to use it.

You can see the reviews written by many experts that have tried this sharpening rod first hand. This is not only any knife sharpening tool, but this is also a lifetime investment. This time you are getting industrial strength for a cheap price.

When buying a ceramic knife sharpening rod, the size matters. We recommend you to get a 12-inch rod, always. This is considered a ‘universal’ useful to you with knives of any size.

The only case where we could suggest you get a sharpening rod of a smaller size is when you intend to use it only with a pocket knife. Just remember that you can also use it in the kitchen.


How To Use A Knife Sharpening Rod

In the video, you can learn in a simple, easy and quick way how to use your knife sharpener shown by a blade master expert. It is going to take you less than 3 minutes to learn the proper way to use this amazing tool.

If you don’t fully understand the process, repeat the video as many times as you need. Remember that safety always comes first.

Always take the proper cautions when using sharp objects and remember to stay at least 5 feet away from other people if you are still learning the proper method to use this sharpening tool.

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Which Are the Best Electric Carving Knives for Beginners?

Turn those images in your mind into a reality in wood thanks to an effective collection of electric carving knives. Working with wood to create beautiful pieces of art has never been so easy. Take a look at what we consider the best carving knife ever.


Each one of us has an artist inside, some people like to paint, draw, write, sing or even dance.

We all need a way to express all those feelings or thoughts that we have inside our hearts.

If you haven’t found yours, we suggest you give woodcarving a chance.

There are three things that you are going to need to start:

  1. Wood to work with. This might sound pretty obvious at first but there are two things that you need to consider when choosing the right piece of wood. Never work with old or humid wood. It might end up cracking and ruining your art. The second is the size, visualize the final piece that you want in your mind so you can figure out if you have the right amount.
  2. Proper carving tools. Here you can go for manual carving knives or electric ones. The manual usually small-sized, similar to pocket knives, and are are meant to be used to work with small pieces of wood or to detail big works. The electric ones are bigger but they are going to give you the fastest work with the least possible effort. It all depends on what you want to do.
  3. Inspiration. This is probably the most important thing that you need and sadly is something that you can’t get from the store. It may come difficult at the beginning, but just start working and the ideas will come to your mind.

Which Electric Carving Knives Do You Recommend?

If we had to choose only one chip carving knife we would tell you to go for the DC-501 Ryobi Electric Carving Knife. This one is used by people who are just starting in the world of woodcarving as well as professionals on the field. Mostly because it is amazingly easy to make curves with it.

The design is plain and simple, it looks like a big electric screwdriver. It comes with the essential three bits to start carving: straight, curved and V-shaped. The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t include a case. Only the original box when you purchase it.

This electric knife is safe and efficient it will allow you to create beautiful figures of wood in almost no time. You are not going to believe everything that you will be able to do. Everyone around you will be surprised with your skills.

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Survival Gear

Original Bowie Knife for Sale

Here we are going to show you the best bowie knife for sale on the market. You will not even want to look other knives after you check out this one. Learn the reason why this is called the ultimate hunter knife.

best-bowie-knife-saleYou probably have heard the popular question: If you were lost in the woods and could only take one item, what would you take? The right answer to this question is this bowie knife.

This is absolutely the best knife for any survival situation and even military hunting. Just take a look at the amazing features of this instrument:

  • It is 12″ long including the 7″ blade.
  • Stealth stainless steel black blade.
  • Saw back serration.
  • Includes a hard molded sheath with belt loop.
  • The handle is textured to give you the perfect grip.
  • It is easy to handle.

You can easily strap it to your belt, vest, arm or leg so you can have quick access to it in any kind of survival situation. The sheath included with this bowie knife has a security lock allowing you strap it upside down without a problem. You can take a look at the tons of positive reviews of satisfied buyers saying that this blade can cut through anything.

Is This The Best Bowie Knife Ever?

The short answer is “Yes” you have to look no further. We know that when it comes to choosing a hunting knife you need to choose carefully.

It is meant to be used in survival situations when your life might even be at risk.

The only downside that some customers mention is that some of them received this knife not sharpened enough but we know that it should not be a problem for an expert hunter or camper like you. You can also learn from our blog on how to choose a cheap and effective knife sharpener.

This is definitely the right tool for you to handle any situation in the wilderness. It doesn’t matter if you need to cut cloth, rope, wood, open cans or even make your own homemade animal traps. With this knife, you will be able to take care of everything.

Pocket Knives

Perfect Gift for Dad – Personalized Pocket Knife for Sale

We are going to reveal you the tips to choose the perfect personalized pocket knife gift for dad. Read about everything you need to know to make a smart decision to get the best price.


The custom engraved knives have become quite popular in the last few years as a special gift among men. This includes parents, uncles, cousins or even close friends.

A personalized gift is excellent to show your appreciation to the other person and an engraving makes it even more unique.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, it is recommended that you look for a professional or a certified seller so you can get the best quality from your product.

It is highly suggested that you always go for a laser engraved knife as the precision of this work has no comparison.

How to Choose the Best Personalized Pocket Knife

There are three things that you need to consider when you are looking for your gift. That way you can get a cheap personalized pocket knife with excellent quality.

  1. The type of knife. This is something important that a lot of people overlook. For example, why would you buy a hunting knife for your dad if he is not into hiking and works in an office? You need to choose one that suits that person’s lifestyle.
  2. The engraved design. The most popular knife choice by far is the name of the person but if you want to try something different you may also like to engrave a special date on the knife sometimes it has a way deeper meaning. We don’t particularly recommend the use of special designs, such as symbols unless you know that person too well.
  3. The accessories. Yeah, you read that right. An engraved pocket knife with belt pouch can be a huge difference. You can even get some deals that may include an engraved lighter as well!

As additional advice, always pay attention to the information provided by the seller. Maybe you rather buy the knife from one place and have it engraved from another but be careful because there are some knives that can’t be engraved.

Ask all the questions that you need to your seller. If you are making an online purchase takes a couple of minutes so you can search for coupons or even better deals on your personalized knives.

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