Pocket Knives

3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Pocket Knife for You

In this short guide, we are going to show you the best tips so you can pick the perfect pocket knife that fits with your lifestyle. Choosing the right blade can make a huge difference in its performance and your satisfaction.

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Buying just the right knife is not as easy as it may seem. You just can’t go and pick the one with 5-star reviews or the one with the most appealing price.

If that is not the case, if you are really looking for the perfect pocket knife for you that matches your style then I recommend you to keep reading.

Unless you just want it as an extra blade in your pocket and you really just want it to cut things here and there.

Here is the list of the three main features you need to look for when choosing your pocket knife:

1. Safety is First

This is and always going to be the number one priority. The last thing you want in a knife is a tool that ends up hurting you. Pay attention to key elements such as:

  • How sharp the blade is.
  • Does it have any kind of lock?
  • How durable it is compared to other knives.
  • How powerful the grip on the handle is.

Always keep in mind the main use that you intend to give to your specific pocket knife. Do not choose a knife just because it looks great or because your friend has the same.

2. Size and Additional Functions

Do you like camping a lot? Then probably a Swiss pocket knife might not be the best for you as there are not too many screws on nature. But a survival knife with a serrated edge might come just perfect to cut the wood, rope and even hunting.

Do you like wood carving? Then that hunting knife might be too much for the task but the Flexcut Whittlin Jack would be just perfect.

A friend of mine is really happy with his credit card knife as it takes a tiny amount of space in his wallet and he just needs it to open packages and cut fruit every now and then.

3. Never Go Wrong With Stainless Steel

You can find knives made from a lot of different materials such as carbon steel, titanium, ceramic or flint. If you are not sure of which one to pick then go always for stainless steel.

Any pocket knife blade made from stainless steel has an amazing resistance against corrosion plus an excellent edge holding.

This material has proven to be durable and reliable.

I hope you have found these simple tips helpful so you can choose just the right pocket knife for you. If you have any question or you are looking for a review on a specific knife feel free to contact me.

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