INOX Switchblade: The Most Elegant Italian Stiletto

INOX switchblade, the most elegant Italian stiletto that exist on the web. More than an a switchblade, this one is the finest pieces of art in knives. If you are looking for the best and rarest switchblade

Cold Steel Karambit Knife for Sale – CS:GO Replicas

This Karambit knife is what you need in your collection. One of the most popular replicas inspired by videogames. One of these knives with a curved blade resembling a claw is known as a Karambit knife. It

Vintage Celtic Pocket Knife For Sale – Hand Forged Blade

Take a look at this Celtic pocket knife made by Toferner, one of the best blacksmiths nowadays. The unique ornament and vintage value of this knife is entirely hand crafted. You will not find pieces of art

Carrying Case for All Your Throwing Knives – Top Quality

Your throwing knives will always be clean and ready for action with this special carrying case. Safety is always the first thing you need to think about. With this pouch you will not have to worry anymore

3 Tips to Choose The Perfect Pocket Knife for You

In this short guide we are going to show you the best tips so you can pick the perfect pocket knife that fits with your lifestyle. Choosing the right blade can make a huge difference on its performance

Tactical Rescue Knife With Adjustable LED – Full Review

Tactical rescue knives are supposed to be top quality among the survival gear. This is not cutting vegetables the right way. It is about the survival and preservation of life itself. Here we are going to take

Credit Card Knife Honest Review – Survival Life Stainless Steel

You will not believe how many times my credit card knife has saved my day. Today I’m going to share my experience with you so you can decide if this folding pocket knife is what you need

Shaving Method for Men With Sensitive Skin – Smooth & Clean

Your morning shave has become a nightmare for you because of your sensitive skin? Come and learn the best shaving method to deal with irritation, dryness and even razor burns. If you are in a job that demands

Wusthof Knife Sharpener – Tri-Stone Sharpening Review

If you like to take good care of your knives, we suggest you to try out this Wusthof Tri-Stone Knife Sharpener. One of the most complete sharpening whetstones on the market nowadays. These sharpening stones are just

Sweeney Todd Razor Blades – The Demon Barber Knives

Imagine having the iconic razor blades from the famous Demon Barber, Sweeney Todd, in your hands. It is now possible to get these movie props and also for an amazingly cheap price. This is definitely one of

Kyocera Electric Ceramic Steel Knife Sharpener Review

When talking about electric knife sharpeners, Kyocera is an expert in the topic. They are experts on ceramics and that allows them to make the ultimate sharpener for steel knives. Here we present you with our favorite